S.O.A. Qualification Certification

S.O.A.  Qualification Certification to execute public works, released by the Certifying Authority ATTESTA spa, according to the Republic President Decree no. 34/2000, in the following categories: category OG1: class. IV up to €=2.582.284,00= civil and industrial buildings; category OG11: class. I up to €=258.228,00= technological plants; category OG12: class. V up to €=5.164.569,00= Environmental protection and remediation actions; category OS8: class. I up to €=258.228,00= technical finishes on general works ;category OS23: class. III up to €=1.032.913,00= Demolition; category OS24: class. I up to €=258.228,00= landscaping and street furniture ;category OS33: class. I up €=258.228,00= special coverages.

Environmental comunication

Serveco organizes various environmental education events and activities, in order to develop citizens awareness, whether they are young or old, towards environmental issues, promote resources knowledge and their correct use.





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