Environmental remediations
Reclamations and safety assessment of polluted sites

Environmental Reclamations” Dept. of Serveco srl avails of the competences and the expertise of an internal high qualified technical staff; various experiences gained during working years has allowed to diversify and specialize the different operation areas, with the aim of supplying more and more innovative services and over the market standards.






• Waste characterization, reclamation and safety assessment of polluted sites
• Environmental remediation and landscaping engineering
• Asbestos reclamation and disposal
• Tanks and cisterns reclamation
• Civil and Industrial facilities demolition
• Civil and Industrial covering and insulation
• Waste transport and disposal


SERVECO Reclamations Services in case of friable or non-friable Asbestos are:

• Working Plan preparation and presentation to the Local Health Authority in charge.
• Reclamation of Asbestos cement roof covering through removal, conservative encapsulation or over coverage.
• Removal of friable Asbestos with glove-bag procedure or in a confined space.
• Installation of a decontamination unit, air extractor and drain water filtration unit.
• Environmental and human monitoring before, during and at the end of reclamation procedures and further samples analysis.
• Transport and disposal of waste containing Asbestos according to the regulations in force.

Based on its own scientific and technical knowledge, supported by necessary equipment, instrumentation and qualified experts, SERVECO has developed an efficient procedure for planning and operative realization of reclamations and safety assessment of:
equipment, plants and polluted sites from Polychlorinated Biphenyl, Chromium, Lead, Hydrocarbons and other hazardous substances.

Reclamations activities can be completed with:

• Installation of new covering with insulating panels, made of galvanized plates, eco-friendly fiber cement etc.

• Laying of PVC, Linoleum or rubber flooring.

• Industrial insulations using alternative materials (ceramic fiber, mineral wool etc.) on air conducts, piping, heating system, boilers and equipment in general.