Integrated Policy

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For years, Serveco srl has put his efforts to realize environmental services, focused on customers satisfaction and of other parties interested.

These targets have been pursued thanks to a careful management of all resources and to the commitment to strengthen and improve constantly the entire company structure, thanks also to the continuous improvement of Quality, Environment and Safety System, compliant to the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007.


SERVECO srl, thanks to the development of an advanced organizational system, provided with updated professional resources and plants, state-of-art means and equipment in this field, is ready to face new challenges, to continuously improve its own customers satisfaction.

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In order to chase its aims, the Direction of SERVECO srl follows
the here below general guidelines, when speaking of:

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Guaranteeing effectiveness and efficiency of offered performances so that they meet the contractual requirements, clear and underlying client expectations and set up standards according to the reference regulations, through tasks assignment, responsibilities and working procedures relating to protocol

Improving the economical outcome of processes, and consequently increasing the net profit margin;

Guaranteeing the availability and visibility of enrollments, that are all those data that represent the actual patency of service quality;

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By promoting participation, consciousness and staff training, in order to gain awareness regarding the effects of our own behavior towards Quality, Environment and Safety on work place;

Measuring the satisfaction rate of internal and external Clients;

When choosing a supplier, we pay attention to their care towards quality, environment and safety criteria, according with the hereby Integrated Policy and involving them into improvements shared initiative, strengthening qualification.

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Following rigorously all the requirements in force included in the Legislative Provisions, relevant to our activity;

Whenever it’s possible, communicating necessary information to citizens, to Group Companies, to in charge Authorities, to better understand Company activities effects on the Environment, pursuing an open dialogue;

Promoting the responsibility of each level employees towards Environment Protection and performing personnel knowledge and training programs;

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Ensuring cooperation with Public Authorities;

Carrying out an Environmental monitoring plan, to prevent environmental impacts caused by our activities;

Ahead of time evaluating Environmental impacts caused by eventual new activities or by modifications to the existing ones;

Checking used materials and resources quantity and type, for a correct definition of environmental markers.

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“There must be a better way to do things we want to,
a way that does not pollute the air, the water or the Earth.”

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Observe meticulously Legal obligations regarding Health and Safety in a working place, and whereas Laws and Regulations do not exist, the Direction commits to abide by selected standards through risk evaluation of our own activities;

Spread the hereby Integrated Policy not only among workers, but to all the personnel that works below the Company control;

Promote the fulfillment of every reasonable initiative to minimize risk and remove possible cause that could threaten safety and health of all people involved into the operating reality of Serveco s.r.l. (clients, suppliers, contractors, guests), incentivizing personnel cooperation;

Promoting and fostering participation and consultation of workers into dangers identification processes, risk evaluation, accidents surveys and targets definition, when speaking of Health and Safety on a work place;

Guaranteeing, starting from new activities definition, as well as during planning and/or review of existing ones, that all the aspects related to safety are considered as essential contents;

Check the safety reliability of performances of suppliers companies;

Train and inform personnel (with particular attention to newly hired workers), related to Company Safety and necessary protection to adopt, in order to guarantee tasks execution in a safe way;

Make all the personnel responsible to use Personal Protecting Devices, supplied by the Company;

Commit to adopt prevention systems so that, during time, it is possible to reduce the use of Personal Protecting Devices;

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Ensure healthiness and hygiene of working places; the Health control should aim specifically to every type of risk; apply ergonomic principles in the arrangement of working places;

Commit to reduce costs related to Safety, during time;

Guaranteeing that the corporate structure, according to assignments and competences, manages its activity with the aim of prevent accidents, injuries and occupational disease;

Evaluate in advance whether machines, plants and/or equipment are compliant to safety standards as foreseen by the Legislation in force and whether performing maintenance operations, to ensure functionality and safety;

Keep the preventive measures active, which are arranged against emergency and those to adopt in case of first aid, firefighting and workers evacuation;

Face eventual emergency or accidents situations that may occur during working operations rapidly, effectively and diligently, cooperating with organizations external to the Company or with Authorities in charge;

Keep under control eventual emergency situations that could affect the environment, workers’ health and safety and eventual other people, as well as considering the demands of external rescue services and emergency potentially coming from surrounding Companies;

Guaranteeing that every accident would be followed by a methodical internal survey, in order to find out eventual lacks of Integrated Management System and other causes that could have created or contributed to occur of accidents, identify necessary corrective measurements or whether there are opportune preventive measurements, with the aim of a continuous improvement.