Environmental Reclamations

Waste characterization, reclamation and safety assessment of polluted sites

• Drafting of Waste Characterization Plans compliant to ex. Legislative Decree no.152/06
• Geo-gnostic, geo-electric and geo-radar investigations
• Soil Cracks Gas Surveys
• Control and Characterization Chemical Analysis
• Writing of “Risk Evaluation on specific site” compliant to ex Legislative Decree 152/06
• Preparation of post – opera Final Projects and Control Plans
• Reclamation and recovery of equipment, tanks, plants and areas contaminated with Polychlorinated Biphenyl, Chromium, Lead, Hydrocarbons and other hazardous materials
• Emergency Services for safety assessment in case of emergency
• Reclamation of polluted sites using in situ, on site and off site technologies (stabilization and inertization, Soil Washing, Land farming, Bio piles, Bioventing, Air sparging, Soil Vapor Extraction, Pump & Treat, reactive barriers, etc.)

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