Social responsibility

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The ethical commitment represents a competitive incentive congruent with a sustainable development, besides being a guarantee for reference stakeholders (clients, supplies, employees, partners, corporate structure, organizations, etc.) with regards to the fulfillment of regulations in force and ethical principles and values, such as fairness, transparency, respect of workers’ rights, Health and Safety on work place, continuous improvement of working conditions of employees.

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SERVECO S.r.l. has freely chosen to adopt a Quality Management System for Social Responsibility, compliant to the regulation SA8000:2008 and to enhance the value of our undertaken commitments in ethical and social fields, through a certification path.

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The SA8000:2008 Regulation (which stands for Social Accountability 8000) represents the first International standard that guarantees a “Company” as a socially responsible organization, committing itself to fulfill the regulations regarding Working Ethics and refusing all working conditions marked by inequality, exploitation, unfair pay and unhealthiness of working place.

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Regarding Social Responsibility services, with reference to year 2013, the organization has defined its own procedures and working practices, in order to comply with the requirements of SA8000 regulation, in particular:

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  • do not exploit child labor, guaranteeing that only legal age workers are employed;
  • do not use obliged work or non-voluntary working performances;
  • believe that workers’ Health and Safety are fundamental factors, hence guaranteeing healthy and safe working places, adopting measures to prevent and avoid accidents, risks and injuries to workers’ health, convinced that personnel training activities with regards to Health and Safety is a key element to reach an optimal level of prevention and protection;
  • respect workers’ right to join trade unions freely chosen, guarantee the right of negotiation, ensure and promote communication between workers trade unions and workers, encouraging meetings also on working place;
  • guarantee that trade unions representatives do not undergo discriminating actions;
  • do not exercise discriminating actions related to race, social class, country of origin, religion, disability, sex, age, sexual orientation, trade unions or politics affiliation and do not interfere with workers’ rights to follow principles or practices and satisfy eventual correlated needs;
  • guarantee that do not occur any threating, sexual coercion or exploiting behaviors to the detriment of workers;
  • do not use corporal punishments, body or mental coercion, verbal abuse while carrying out disciplinary procedures;
  • commit to respect working time, extra work performed by employees voluntarily and towards which it corresponds an additional charge, according to what prescribed by reference National Contracts;

• guarantee that salary corresponded to workers is calculated respectfully of what provided by category contracts; remuneration is rendered according to legal manners freely chosen by workers; wages settlement is clearly and understandable displayed on pay slips and that there are no contracts considering consulting relationships aimed to avoiding the regularization of worker tax status and not respecting the Regulation in force regarding Work and Safety.

Analyzing the available data, up to today there are no non-conformity situations with regards to the reference regulations, nor we have received complaints from workers.