Source separated collection and urban cleanness services

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“The source separated collection represents a suitable collection to gather urban waste according to different homogenous product groups intended to the re-use, recycling and raw material recovery.”

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Since its establishment, Serveco has adopted an innovative policy trying to promote an higher environmental safeguard and truly efficient eco-friendly services.

In this way, Urban Cleanness and Source Separated Collection have been developed. “Residential Curbside Waste pickup” , “Waste Collection Center”, “Glass and Cans 24 liters containers”, “Bottle Banks”, “Bulk Waste”, “Packaging Waste Collection” are only some of Serveco new experimental services offered.
For the integrated management of waste, SERVECO is the sole Company in Apulia that have applied the transfer between taxes and fees.

Serveco stands out also thanks to the choice of using “clean technologies” and equipment and vehicles are electrically driven or powered by white diesel, guaranteeing a lower pollution of residential areas.

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Packaging and Packaging Waste Collections from special utilities

SERVECO offers a main packaging waste collection (cardboard and polyethylene) to special utilities (stores, commercial activities), allowing to intercept materials with an high economic value, that during recycling leads to an high energy saving.

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raccolta-differenziata-serveco-bidoncini-porta-a-portaResidential Curbside Waste pickup Service

Curbside Waste Collection, controlled through a bar code labels system, consist of collection of paper and plastic bags left by users in fixed locations close to residences. The labeling identifies the material type, volumetric capacity as well as the legitimate “owner” of the bag.

Curbside Waste pickup”, besides offering advantages related to the quality of the offered service, allows citizen to have remarkable discounts on waste tax payment.
Another “waste pickup” collection is the one that uses 240 liters containers for glass and cans collection for special utilities. This system has permitted to intercept in a small amount of time the material that was conferred into the undifferentiated containers

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Centro-Comunale-di-Raccolta-rifiutiMunicipal Collection Center

Municipal Waste Collection Center represents an important support for separated source collection integrated system and it’s an Hobson’s choice for the collection of households electrical appliances or bulk waste. Thanks to the Waste Separation Area nowadays it is possible to have an higher monitoring on waste cycle, a lower environmental impact, the spread of a culture of source separated collection and an economic saving for the entire community.

The functioning of the Waste Collection center is very easy. Citizens, in fact, can go directly to the collection center always overseen, and here there is an electronic weighting of waste and thanks to a magnetic “green” card and id code, citizens will receive points according to their waste amount, and these points are also saved into a database.

Bottle Banks

Collection through Bottle Banks allows a distribution over the entire territorial area. Different colors Bottle Banks – yellow for plastic, white for paper, green for glass and blue for aluminum – allow a source separated collection according to different types of waste.