Urban cleanness

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Serveco Srl performs urban solid waste collection and transport in different Municipalities in the counties of Taranto, Brindisi and Potenza. During Serveco has also developed and improved specific activities connected to Source Separated Collection of Waste.

Urban Cleanness services are:

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Streets Cleaning

Manual and mechanical sweeping of streets, squares, sidewalks, public areas or for public use.
Emptying of paper trash bins.
Weeds uprooting from sidewalks cracks and near street borders.
Removal of animal dungs.
Cleaning of water drainage canals

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Snow Removal, Coasts and Bays

In case of snow fall, all Serveco personnel working on public areas cleaning is activated, even during night, in order to face the emergency situation. Snow removal is done especially on main access streets, near schools, hospitals, chemist’s and important public buildings.

Serveco has always paid particular attention while cleaning seaside areas, being aware of sea big economic resource.

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Cleaning of Grates and Sewer Covers etc.

All public drinking water springs, grates, canals and sewer covers and white sewage canals and covers are daily cleaned from waste.
For the cleaning, we use biodegradable and compliant products according to most recent regulations in force. Every month we perform a mechanical suction of all present deposits using a gully suckers, inside all sewer covers. At the same time we clean the piping connections with the white sewage, in order to guarantee a normal water outflow.

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Urban Waste Collection

Urban Waste Collection is carried out using eco-friendly vehicles and street garbage bins of various capacity.

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Market Services

At the closing time of weekly markets, Serveco operators go on the spot to clean and remove waste, and separated paper and polyethylene packaging.

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Street Weeding

Weed mowing that grow along sidewalks, public flowerbeds, trees pits…this activity is normally performed by Serveco personnel in charge of manual-motorized sweeping in their competence area.

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Animal Carcasses and Cemetery Waste

Serveco realizes a prompt removal, transport and disposal service, according to Health Regulations in force, of any animal carcass on public ground. Serveco takes care also of services like exhumation and extraction of the body from the grave after a certain period of time. Wood, Zinc and fabric scraps together with clothes leftovers, due to the waste particularity, are packed in proper boxes and disposed in plants authorized for thermal destruction.

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Disinfection and…

…Deratting, Disinfestation and Cockroach Extermination are all services that require a previous accurate analysis of different factors that can cause rats, flies, mosquitos, harmful insects proliferation, on the entire territory involved.
All kinds of slump and water canals are examined and surveyed, together with all possible infesting living species and their life cycles.