WEEE. Waste of Electric and Electronic

Since November 2007, the Electric and Electronic Waste Management has entered in force also in Italy, regulated by the Legislative Decree no. 151 dated 2005, stating that the responsibility is directly on Producers, as provided by the European Directive (2002/96/CE).

Equipment to which these requirements apply

The WEEE regulation applies to all Electric and Electronic Equipment, which depend, for a proper functioning, on electricity or electromagnetic fields included in Annex 1A of Legislative Decree no. 151, intended for final customers or professional use, designed to work with a voltage lower than 1.000 volt in case of alternating current and 1.500 volt in case of direct current, for those devices that have electricity has main power supply, allowing the device to operate its fundamental functionnings.

Do you want to know some Electric and Electronic Equipment examples? Read Annex B of the Decree.

Also all the components, subassemblies and consumables that are integrating part of the product once someone decides to through it away.

Obliged entities

The obliged entities (called Producers) are all those parties that, irrespective of the selling technique:

• Produce and sell Electric and Electronic Equipment under their brand
• Resell Electric and Electronic Equipment produced by other suppliers under their brand; retailer is not considered “producer” in case the equipment has the producer brand on it, as defined at point 1
• Import or insert for the first time, on domestic ground, Electric and Electronic Equipment in a specific activity.

The party that produces electric and electronic equipment only for export, can be considered producer only with reference to some dispositions of Legislative Decree and in particular, to the obligations of product design (art.4), obliged entities national register enrollment (art.14) and obligations of information (art.13).

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