We are Serveco, since 1987 at the service of the environment.

We are Serveco, since 1987 at the service of the environment.

Serveco was founded in 1987 in Apulia Region, by the desire and the awareness of two young entrepreneurs who wanted to deal with the environment every day.

Today the company is a leader in the field of ecological and energy services and we are a reference point for an ecosystem that makes environmental and social sustainability the aim of its own business.

Serveco’s business ethics is based on cooperation and constant dialogue with all stakeholders: customers, employees, institutions, suppliers and local communities.

Recently our company has grown, acquiring more and more skills and experience for the management of separate waste collection services, offering to communities innovative door-to-door services, thanks to which we can go beyond the 80% of separate waste collection.

Our engineers and technicians are engaged throughout Italy on environmental reclamations and asbestos polluted sites. We offer our services to different kind of Companies from small craft companies, to Big enterprises. We are always ready to offer our expertise and services.

We are engaged in the production and management of clean energy: our wind and photovoltaic plants produce the daily needs of thousands of families.

We believe that respect for the environment must be taught from childhood: this is the reason why we are actively involved in schools educational programs and in environmental communication campaigns.

We know that the environment needs daily attentions and we try to spread and share this message with citizens and communities: we support the culture of the territory and we are partners of future –oriented events.

We are Serveco, since 1987 at the service of the environment.

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